Global premier Starknet perpetuals exchange

The RabbitX vision is to build the most secure and liquid global derivatives market network. Leveraging the best security and technology with the power of zero-knowledge rollups. RabbitX brings high-performance trading to traders' fingertips without any middlemen.

RabbitX is rebuilding a better financial system by offering price transparency, instant settlements and automated clearing for derivatives trading. RabbitX is where the world comes to trade.

Technology Roadmap

Phase 1: - Realtime proof-of-reserves

Phase 2: - Decentralised sequencer - Decentralised recursive zk-rollup orderbook

Phase 3: - Decentralised spot trading - Decentralised perpetuals trading

Product Roadmap

Phase 1: - Mainnet launch of Starknet's first hybrid perpetuals exchange

Phase 2: - Staking - Trader rewards - Realtime proof-of-solvency - Trade global markets (FX, commodities, interest rates)

Phase 3: - Multiasset collateral - Options trading

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