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We are excited to announce a major milestone in the evolution of the RabbitX platform: the launch of RabbitX (RBX) utility token. With a native utility token RBX, RabbitX is preparing to assume its leading role in the rapidly growing DeFi derivatives space.

Our state-of-the-art platform built using a hybrid architecture, is optimized to deliver unparalleled speed and security for our traders. With the deepest orderbook liquidity, zero gas fees, and up to 20x leverage, RabbitX is the best derivatives DEX to trade on. The RBX utility token is our commitment to give power back to the community: if we succeed, you succeed.

The RBX token will have an initial supply of 1 billion tokens (1,000,000,000 RBX). Here’s how the tokens will be allocated:

  1. Community Rewards (32.5%): 325 million RBX tokens will be distributed as community trading and staking rewards and airdrop for trading on the RabbitX platform. These rewards will be given to users based on their trading activity, encouraging more participation and promoting a healthy trading environment.

  2. Liquidity Mining Rewards (7.5%): 75 million RBX tokens will be dedicated to incentivizing users and market makers to provide liquidity to RabbitX. Deep liquidity is critical to RabbitX’s goal of becoming the premier global derivatives DEX.

  3. Treasury (20%): 200 million RBX tokens will be set aside in the RabbitX Treasury, providing a reserve for future protocol upgrades, strategic partnerships, and ecosystem development.

  4. Previous Investors (20%): 200 million RBX tokens will be allocated to our early investors who have supported and believed in our vision from the start. These tokens will be fully vested on October 2023.

  5. Current team (15%): 150 million RBX tokens will be allocated to the current RabbitX team to acknowledge their hard work, dedication, and ongoing commitment to the platform’s growth and success. These tokens will be subject to vesting, to ensure the team’s long-term alignment with the platform’s objectives.

  6. Future team members (3%): 30 million RBX tokens will be allocated to future team members. The future of RabbitX relies on our ability to attract the best talent; as we continue to grow, we must align team members’ incentives with the project’s long-term vision. These tokens will also be subject to vesting, ensuring a long-term commitment to the success of RabbitX.

  7. Advisors (2%): 20 million RBX tokens will be allocated to current and future advisors of the protocol. Advisors play a valuable role in shaping the strategic direction of RabbitX, providing invaluable insights and guidance throughout our journey.

RBX will provide utility and significant value to the RabbitX platform, including increased liquidity and rewards for users. Everything we do is committed to delivering the best possible trading experience and value to our users.

RBX will have a maximum potential inflation rate capped at 20% p.a. after year 2, subject to governance voting. Actual inflation rate may be 0%. Ensuring the community continues to have the resources to continue contributing to the Protocol.

We would like to thank our outstanding community for their support. We deeply appreciate you all as we work towards building the most secure, liquid, and accessible derivatives platform for traders worldwide.

If you have any questions regarding this update or RBX tokenomics, please reach out to our support team in the #token channel in our discord https://discord.com/invite/rabbitx.

Thank you for being a valued member of our community. ❤️

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